Consulting Service Overview:

Actual data based approach/analysis would always helps top management to take right decision in a business for better and consistent upward growth of the company. Days are gone to release a product or deliver a service or do a process after consuming considerable amount of time. As we face tough global competition, we are forced to adapt to new situation and accept the customer needs/demands as quickly as possible to sustain the growth momentum and retain the customers. In these days of economic revival of developing countries and slow down of developed nations, competition in any business is getting tougher and tougher. Therefore, in order to sustain in this fast changing business environment, to delight customers, optimize the business process, deliver defect free service and release products as quickly as possible without quality deterioration, competing organizations should make a paradigm shift in their business approach and be able to deliver more business values to the customers/end users. Customer orientation, Business objectives, Cost reduction, More profit, Shorter cycle time and the best ROI are the clear buzzwords. Precisely, Six Sigma helps you to achieve these objectives. It applies in all kinds of organizations where variation and waste exist, and where every employee should be involved

What is Six sigma?

Six sigma is a management strategy with data driven approach to remove defect in any process, product and services. The defect rate must not exceed 3.4 defects/million opportunities. As it is a quality cum business initiative, it can be used to design new products/process/services and re- engineer existing product/process/services. The success of six sigma is mainly based on short term as well as long term actual data. It can be used for better decision making purpose. It is a proven, successful, tangible and structured methodology which applies tools and techniques to address Business needs.

Benefits of the Six sigma Consulting:

Six Sigma for Breakthrough Improvements in client's service/product/project
Reduces Variation in any process/product/service
Reduces Cycle Time of process/product/service
Reduces Defects of process/product/service

Leads to the benefits of

Improved Customer Satisfaction
Improved Bottom Line (Net Profit)

Why Raj InfotechBiz Solution Pvt. Ltd.?

Raj InfotechBiz solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a six sigma practicing company with clear objectives to help businesses to achieve their objectives. It is having consultants with real time industry experience blended with IT experience. Their senior consultants having expertise in multiple technologies- Microsoft, JAVA, Open source, Mobile computing, Embedded and ERP and hands-on in operations Management with the knowledge of business processes in the areas of Human Resource Management, Banking, Insurance, Finance, Warehouse & Transport (Logistics) Management; Import & Export Operation; Container Freight Station Management, Auto manufacturing & Port operational processes; Trading, Retail, Shipping Management and Supply Chain Management.

Their expertise can be leveraged to understand client's business related pain areas for viable business solutions. As we have six sigma certified resources in our roll, they have guided many process improvement projects; served as six sigma black belt consultant and managed many teams for process improvement projects. The team also has conducted process and productivity improvement projects for World Bank, Honda Japan, Kings Industries etc. and conducted >60 Six sigma greenbelt classes for the benefits of 650 associates.

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