More than 50 to 80% of software projects fail because of time and cost overrun. Many such failures are traced back to poor estimation. Ad-hoc estimation not only can ruin the project success but also your career as a programmer or a project manager.

Software project estimation is a process of expectation setting which forms the basis of quantifying the resources required to accomplish certain goals based on certain cleared stated assumptions. It comprises of Size, Effort and Schedule estimations.

Functional Point Estimation (FPA) proposed by IFPUG (International Function Point User Group) is industry leading software estimation technique. Learning and following FPA by IFPUG could save you countless late night stays at office, and also could put you on fast-track to promotion.

This 3 sessions hands-on workshop on FPA would demystify the notions about estimation and equip the software professional to handle the subject of estimation with improved accuracy to tide over the above said negative points.

Why is it so important for software development organization?

 Business related:

To make an effective project proposal document
Basic step towards size, effort and schedule estimates of project management
Helps to ensure a right delivery date to the customer
Ensures right costing for management for a good profit margin
Reduce the project failure rate, thus improving customer satisfaction

 Career related:

To have expertise in estimation
To play pre-sale role effectively
This skill would help to move to next senior level as early as possible
To have job satisfaction
To guide and monitor their subordinates for a better output
To complete the project on time with quality
To have better understanding about software project management 

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