Program Overview :

IT Portfolio Rationalization is an emerging field in Consulting practice and there are many opportunities coming up for new comers. Our workshop brings out the best solution methodologies, tools and techniques with simplified procedures/processes for real time implementation. These are useful for managers/engineers who wish to become consultant as part of their career change to move forward and practice in real time with more knowledge on IT portfolio Rationalization. There are many organizations including fortune 500 companies might have invested more than 50% of the capital for IT activities. It could be for softwares or hardwares or network items or other IT related devices. The IT investment is made to meet or support the business objectives. It is indispensable to ensure the IT investment is aligned with business objectives. IT is for business. Business is not for IT investments. It is considered as a supporting tool. If there any wide gap between IT and business, there could be wastage of cost, resources and time. According to latest research study, in most of the organizations the IT investment is not 100% aligned with objectives of business organization. There is a separate study on the alignment of IT with Business. It is called IT Portfolio Rationalization study. The proposed workshop enlights one with more insights, reality, knowledge capability to do assignments confidently with ease.

Why this workshop is important?

Business issues:

Need of greater agility to react to changing business environment to tide over competition
Need for ever increasing capabilities with new functionalities to achieve time to market
Exposure of globalization may requires compliance with International governance/standards

Application issues:

No single view of application portfolio
Highly aged and complex development and deployment environments
Inefficient, ineffective and non value added business processes
Lot of legacy systems and silos of legacy applications
Inflexible systems to accommodate new business requirements
Difficulty in managing legacy and non fully aligned systems
Inconsistent and incomplete documentation

Project issues:

Lesser number of strategic projects
Too many risky projects
Unbalanced Project Portfolio
Not effective utilization of resources across projects

Impact of the above issues:

Larger IT Spending towards maintenance and support costs of application portfolio resulting in decreasing Return On Investments (ROI)
Increasing Total Cost of Ownership(TCO)

What is IT Portfolio Rationalization?

IT portfolio is a disciplined methodological approach to manage IT investments to meet the investment objectives for potential return through risk factors. IT portfolio rationalization management ensures business organization to measure and monitor the IT investments through well defined processes and business solutions framework for better decision making processes as set by corporate governance rules. IT Portfolio Management (ITPM) is a composition of Application Portfolio Management (APM) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM).

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