What is Six sigma?

Six sigma is a management strategy with data driven approach to remove defect in any process, product and services. The defect rate must not exceed 3.4 defects / million opportunities. As it is a quality cum business initiative, it can be used to design new product/process/services and re- engineer existing product/process/services where there are more problems/pains. The success of six sigma is mainly based on the measurement of actual short term as well as long term actual data. It can be used for better decision making purpose. It is a proven, successful, tangible and structured methodology which applies tools and techniques to address Business needs.

Why Six Sigma Green Belt Workshop?

In these days of economic revival, globalization and liberalization, competition in any business is getting tougher and tougher for any business organization/industry. In order to sustain in this fast changing business environment, delight the customers and release products as quickly as possible without quality deterioration, competing organizations should make a paradigm shift in their business approach. Customer orientation, Business objectives, Cost reduction, More profit, Shorter cycle time and the best ROI are the clear business related buzzwords.

Precisely, this proposed Six Sigma workshop helps you to achieve these objectives. The workshop throws more light on various tools and problem analysis and solving techniques with more realistic examples and case studies for real time implementation.

Learn Six Sigma