Consulting Service Overview:

Most of the business organizations including fortune 500 companies might have invested more than 50% of the capital for IT activities. It could be for softwares or hardwares or network items or other IT related devices. The IT investment is made to meet or support the business objectives like align IT spending with business strategies and priorities, ensure all processes of particular functional department is fully covered by IT Applications/Projects, ensure projects and programs aligned with corporate strategic objectives, retire non-value added applications and projects, increase the ROI and reduce the TCO, ensure IT Spending towards maintenance and support costs reduced gradually and allocate resources to accelerate more important projects.

It is indispensable to ensure the IT investment is aligned with business objectives. IT is for business. Business is not for IT investments. It is considered as a supporting tool. If there any wide gap between IT and business, there could be wastage of cost, resources and time. According to latest research study, in most of the organizations the IT investment made through tangible items is not 100% aligned with objectives of business organization. There is a separate study to find out the gap between business objectives/requirements and IT. It is called IT Portfolio Rationalization study. The outcome could be based on the detailed analysis of application portfolio and project portfolio.

What is IT Portfolio Rationalization? IT portfolio is a disciplined methodological approach to manage IT investments to meet the investment objectives for potential return through risk factors. IT portfolio rationalization management ensures business organization to measure and monitor the IT investments through well defined processes and business solutions framework for better decision making processes as set by corporate governance rules. IT Portfolio Management (ITPM) is a composition of Application Portfolio Management (APM) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM).

Benefits of the ITPR Consulting:

IT spending aligned with business strategies and priorities
Application and projects portfolios optimized
Projects and programs aligned with corporate strategic objectives
Non value added processes & projects eliminated
Processes re-engineered to be more efficient and consistent
ROI increased and TCO reduced with maximum value extracted from application related expenditures
IT Spending towards maintenance and support costs reduced gradually
Resources redirected to accelerate more important projects

Leads to the benefits of:

Improved Customer Satisfaction
Improved Bottom Line (Net Profit)
Reduced unwanted Costs

Why Raj InfotechBiz Solutions Pvt. Ltd.?

It is necessary to have real time experience in Technologies and Functional domains with in depth knowledge on the business processes to take up these type of consulting assignment, Raj InfotechBiz Solutions is having consultants with industry experience blended with IT experience to meet this requirement to take up similar assignments for successful business results. Our senior consultants having expertise in multiple technologies- Microsoft, JAVA, Open source, Mobile computing, Embedded and ERP and hands-on in operations Management with the knowledge of business processes in the areas of Human Resource Management, Banking, Insurance, Finance, Warehouse & Transport (Logistics) Management; Import & Export Operation; Container Freight Station  Management, Auto manufacturing & Port operational processes; Trading, Retail, Shipping Management and Supply Chain Management.

As our Consultants know the languages of Business Objectives and how to meet/achieve the requirements along with the implementation experience of IT Portfolio Rationalization solution methodologies, their expertise can be leveraged for the best tangible solutions/results.

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