Productivity Improvement Consulting Service Overview:

As performance of the process and productivity output are directly related with benefit and cost of ROI calculation, we need to look at these two vital points in a macro to micro to nano level in order to sustain the growth momentum as well as to tide over the problems and pains pertaining to them. Most of the organizations have started to revamp their business processes and operations in order to meet the global challenges. In these days of economic globalization, competition in any business is getting tougher and tougher. Therefore, in order to face the challenge and become a successful organization, one must realize client's business objectives.

The client objective could be any one or more of the following issues:

To remove non-value added activities in any process or service
Improve efficiencies of value added activities of any process or service
Increase staff / resources / assets capability/utility for more productivity
To have an accurate measurement system on productivity for continuous improvement
To increase customer satisfaction

Process and productivity improvement:

Productivity is a measure of output from a production process, per unit of input; Labor productivity is typically measured as a ratio of output per labor-hour, an input. In order to increase the productivity, the business must have smooth/optimized/benchmarked processes in place. Productivity growth affects wage negotiations, inflation rates, business decisions, exchange rates, capital investment and savings. Government regulations, capacity utilization, among others, all can affect, favorably or unfavorably, productivity rates.

Benefits of the Productivity Improvement Consulting:

Reduces the unwanted cost
Creates more revenue generation opportunities
Increases the productivity level of the employee
Increase the productivity of the company
Increases the analytical capability of the employee
Increases the problem solving skill of the employee
Reduces cycle time of process/service
Helps to identify non-value added activities in the process
Helps to identify un-utilized resources including Human resources
Helps to redeployment of resources
To identify waiting time of the process/service
To find out bottleneck of the process/service
To find out actual cost of the resources
To find out actual time of the process/service

Leads to tangible benefits and positive impact on:

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Improved Bottom Line (Net Profit)

Why Raj InfotechBiz Solutions Pvt. Ltd.?

It is very difficult to have consultants on roll with expertise in both business processes of respective functional departments of any organization and Information Technology. But, Raj InfotechBiz solutions is having consultants with industry experience blended with IT experience. Our senior consultants having expertise in multiple technologies:- Microsoft, JAVA, Open source, Mobile computing, Embedded and ERP along with the exposure of operations Management and knowledge on business processes of Human Resource Management, Banking, Insurance, Finance, Warehouse & Transport (Logistics) Management; Import & Export Operation; Container Freight Station Management, Auto manufacturing & Port operational processes; Trading, Retail, Shipping Management and Supply Chain Management. Therefore, our consultants are able to speak the languages of their business processes and application of IT and transform their business problems/pains into a viable, sustainable, positive result oriented growth scale to meet the objectives. Also, their expertise in other successful, proven user friendly techniques and tools can be leveraged to understand client's business related pain areas for viable business solutions. Our management consultants, with 26+ years rich experience in Process & Productivity improvement assignments and process consulting, shall provide cost effective, ROI focused and holistic implementable solution.

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