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Raj Patient Information System (PIS)


Welcome to Raj Patient Information System. The cutting-edge android cum web-based software for modern healthcare professionals. Raj PIS revolutionizes the way doctors and para-medical staff access and share patient information, making it faster and more efficient than ever before. With Raj PIS installed on your Android smartphone or tablet or desktop, you can seamlessly access and exchange patient data with colleagues and patients anytime, anywhere.

Raj PIS automates the entire workflow of clinics, nursing homes, and hospitals, digitizing all documentation to enhance the experience for all stakeholders. This ensures quick access to vital patient information such as ECG, lab results, X-rays, and scans, which is crucial during emergencies. By facilitating the timely exchange of patient data, Raj PIS helps save lives, enables doctors to make informed decisions swiftly, and optimizes consultation times, all while reducing operational costs.

Powered by the latest Android cum cloud technologies, Raj PIS offers a secure, virus-free environment. Patient data is stored on robust Linux-based local servers and cloud servers, ensuring both security and accessibility. The encrypted data syncs with our 24/7 cloud server, providing constant access to up-to-date patient information.

Experience the future of healthcare with Raj PIS – where technology meets care.


Patient Information Management

    Outpatient department

    In patient department

    Lab management

    Pharmacy etc.

Interoperability and Communication

    Exchange important patient information with other doctors and para-medical staff

    Integration with diagnostic/ measurement devices/equipment

    Integration with medical store, lab, and specialist doctors' systems

Data Management and Security

    Comprehensive Data Encryption

    Secure Cloud Storage

    Automatic Data Sync

    User Authentication

    Role-Based Access Control

    Data Integrity Checks

    Virus-Free Environment

Mobility and Accessibility

    Remote Access

    Cloud Solutions

    Inclusive Design

    Assistive Technologies

    Responsive Design

Technological Integration and Support

    Automation Tools

    Cloud Integration

    IoT Integration

    Remote Support

    Proactive Monitoring

    Disaster Recovery

Environmental Sustainability

    Supports green energy

    Ensures low carbon footprint


Patient Management

    Patient Registration and Patient ID card print

    Booking Appointment


    Patient History with documents/reports attachment

    Episode (tracking patient visits over time)

    Patient Referral online

    Direct Patient Discharge summary generation and print

    Review reminder-Remind through SMS alert, Email

Medical Procedures

  • Preliminary Investigation
  • Prescription

      Printing of medical prescription

      Prescription Link with medical store to give medicine as per prescription

  • Lab Module

      Lab test request & entry

      Lab test result

  • IP (Inpatient) Management

      Electronic IP Chart

      Ward and Bed details

      Duty nurse and other staffs of IPD

Billing and Payments

  • Bill Payment
    • Bill Summary
  • Patient wise, Category wise detailed billing details

Medication Management

  • Medicine List for Medication/Prescription

System Management

  • Data Backup
  • Token Management

Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Remote Patient Monitoring

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